To offer a new start for people in our community who need support to get back on their feet and off the street.


MWY (Hair M, Hair W, Y-Chrome family of hair salons & barbershops) hosted a day of transformations for men and women who have a compelling story that has put them on the street. We wanted to document their transformation and get their story to share with you, in the hopes that may move you to donate and help get them into permanent housing. Each were offered showers, haircuts, shaves, makeup, nails, clothing etc.

We worked with local homeless organizations to select individuals who have come across bad luck, loss of a job, or medical illness that put have put them in a position none of us would want to turn our back on. The stories and transformations of these people were captured on video and photos. 


The transformations and stories were shared via social media,  local media and with our clients at all four locations. The hope is that our community will be able to understand how these individuals got to where they are and choose to donate to make a difference in their lives via  


Our teams are excited for our quarterly community outreach programs. If you are involved in an organization and would like our support please reach out to us at





Carol and Josh have four children, 17, 7, and 4 year girls and a 10 year old boy). You may have seen them on the news during Christmas when a policeman found them living in their car in the freezing cold and gave them gas money for running the engine all night to keep warm. They are now in a temporary shelter and are in need of housing in the near future. They are a very sweet family and would love to get on their feet!                                                                                          


Wanda is recently separated and lived with her daughter who is a single mom of a six-year-old boy. Wanda's husband who is her daughter's father left them. Wanda moved in with her daughter to help take care of her grandson while her daughter worked. Then her daughter had surgery and there was no income. The boys father would not pay child support or help. Over a period of time lost almost everything. They were headed to live on the streets with nowhere to go. Wanda's daughters ex-husband said that they can live with him for a short period of time. They are in desperate need of housing as it will end very soon. Wanda's daughter is working again and Wanda is looking for work. They can make it with two incomes. They can have a life if they just had some initial help to get started again. Wanda has never been in a situation like this before and there have been many tears and hardships for them. She is a hard-working caring person. She helps the homeless on the street and works with Hope Resources in distributing food to shelters and homeless on the streets.

Brenda, 36

Brenda has a college education and has never been on the streets until now.  She is the mother of twin five-year-old boys and a two year old. After their father was put in jail she was unable to afford their place and was forced to live on the streets. Luckily she landed in a family shelter, but she is anxious to have a place of her own again. Brenda is a good mom and is pained to be raising her children in an overcrowded shelter. She is medicated for bipolar and PTSD but very capable of being a valued employee. She has worked in administrative roles in medical industry in the past and hopes to be able to find a job and start a new chapter very soon.

Steve, 30s  

Steve is a single dad and a good father to his three children. He is very intelligent but needs a job to support himself and his kids. He is a cook and has a part time job cooking, but needs full time work to get out of the shelter. Steve admits he has been on the wrong side for much of his life, but he is desperately wants to live an honest and healthy life for his children. He dreams of having a BBQ food cart one day.

Shari, 48

Shari was married 21 years when her husband divorced her. As a homemaker Shari was unprepared to be without her husband's support. She is disabled as well. She eventually lost her three bed, two bath home as well as most of her belongings including baby pictures. She was unable to make rent and was evicted and without funds to pay for transportation to move her belongs by the deadline she lost it all. Shari was on the street for a short time and now lives at Gresham Women's Shelter. Shari desperately wants to get on her feet and support herself. 

Patrick and Danielle, Daughter Jada

Patrick and Danielle have a beautiful daughter that's 12 years old and all three live in a shelter after losing their home. The shelter commented how helpful and kind the family is at the shelter.  Patrick has a part-time on-call job but, it's not enough to make ends meet. Patrick is looking for full-time employment to help his family get back into a home again. 

Jonathan, 33

Jonathan was born in Riverside California. When he was three his family moved to Salt Lake City, UT. They lived there for about 12 years where the family struggled, however, they did have a house to live before the family decided to move to Portland. They were on the verge of being homeless. The family moved out here in 2007 and feeling lucky the family quickly got into a place and all had jobs. Jonathan was working for a pallet company building pallets. Everything went great for 7 years, when his mother's husband lost his job and everything went downhill from there. They put an ad in the paper and someone moved in to help but unfortunately, they were the wrong choice and caused a lot of drama, eventually the owner evicted them, putting them on the street. Jonathan and his family have been on the streets for a couple years now, and he has been trying to get into a place, but it's very hard from the streets. "All I need is a jumpstart and I will indefinitely stay off the streets."